Seasoned Woodturner and Instructor

A craftsman’s finely formed wood turnings you can rely on

Professional and Customized Wood Turning You’ll Love

Count on me to create artistic pieces designed to meet your personal taste. I, Doug Schneiter, craft high-quality wood turning works in Loveland, CO. For more than 20 years, I have used my knowledge and skills in delivering detailed pieces you can proudly decorate your place with.

Helping Fellow Craftspeople Learn and Grow

My passion for the art of woodworks enables me to meet various individuals I can share my insights with. Aside from producing pieces that satisfy my customers, I take pride in developing my students’ talents in wood turning.

As an instructor, I offer workshops open to anyone willing to start their very own projects. My demonstrations allow for comprehensive learning of foundation skills every woodworker should know.

Contact Me

Reach me for the turning supplies and products necessary to make your vision into an existing project. I have a collection of already-finished turnings, but you may consult me on special orders.